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How do I make an order?
Once you have chosen your product and entered the technical file, click on the key marked Buybuy
If you have not yet entered your User name and Password this page will appear for you to register.
Once you have registered, the product will simply be placed in your basket. The basket keeps track of your purchases without any obligation to buy immediately. It acts simply as a trace or reminder of your order.
Once you have looked at all our products, you can click on the words: "Next"to finalize your order underneath the products listed in your basket.
When you click
on "Next" your exact order will be displayed. At this point, you can check all the entered data, and confirm your order by entering your personal data and selecting the payment system you prefer.
To complete your order, simply click on the words: “Send your order”.
When you have completed this procedure, the system will send you an email informing you of all the products you have ordered and to provide you with a printed copy of your order.
Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico will immediately send a message with all the details of your order. This will specify the total price of your order including the transport costs which vary according to the country of destination, weight and size of the package.
The customer is able to confirm his final delivery order only after he has received the information with all the above details.
All orders paid by credit card are subject to the same procedure.

What are the various payment systems?

  • By bank transfer.
  • By credit card.

  • Is credit card payment safe?
    Yes. 128 bit technology ensures absolute protection of personal data processing and all transactions are made through the Bankpass server which is considered one of the safest systems in existence.

    Can I buy products from Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico even if I am not registered with them?
    No, this is not possible. You must be registered in order to buy from the Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico website.

    Can I check my order status?
    Certainly! You can send us an e-mail: info@gruppoliturgico.com.

    I don’t remember my password, how can I find it?
    If you click on password request, you simply enter your name and our system will automatically send your password to the e-mail address you specified when you registered on the website.

    What do you means by registration?
    Registration simply means entering your User name and Password in the appropriate spaces on the page.
    If you have not yet registered click here.

    How can I register on the Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico website?
    It is very simple to register on our website by clicking on the "Login" square in the menu at the top or in the square on the right hand side at the top.
    In the Register page where you can enter all the personal data that will be requested.

    What is my basket?
    The shopping basket is a virtual space where your purchases are entered while you are visiting our site. This basket means you are able to add, change or eliminate any products at any time, and it also provides the subtotal of the products in the basket so that you are able to check the exact price of the purchased orders.

    How can I change the contents in my basket?
    Inside the basket contents list, you can increase or reduce the number of items you wish to buy. Then simply click on "Update" to calculate the new partial and total price.
    You can remove any items from the basket by clicking on "Remove" or you can empty the basket completely by clicking on the "Empty basket" key located next to the "Complete order" key under the basket list.

    How much will the transport costs be?
    Transport costs vary according to the country of destination and the weight and size of packaging and the means of transport. The Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico will inform the customer prior to order confirmation how much the transport costs will be. Then the customer is able to decide whether to confirm his order or not.

    How long will it take for delivery?
    Goods that are available in stock are delivered immediately.
    In the case where products are temporarily out of stock, Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico will email the customer to warn him and inform him of the delay.

    If I am not at home when the delivery is made, what happens?
    In cases where delivery is not possible because the customer is absent, the courier will leave a note to inform the customer. The customer simply contacts the local branch of the courier service and decides on a second delivery date, or accepts to pick up the goods from the courier branch depot. For this reason we always ask for a reference telephone number for easy contact.

    How can I return faulty products?
    Simply contact our customer. Send an e-mail to info@gruppoliturgico.com.

    How can I search for a product quickly?
    Use the internal search system. To search :
  • enter the name of the required product in the appropriate square on the top right hand side.

  • Orders and registrations

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    Orders by fax
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