About us

Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico: Masters of Sacred Art

The products and services that “LABORATORIO GRUPPO LITURGICO” is able to offer today are the fruit of all the wisdom and experience accumulated in over 60 years of company growth.

LABORATORO GRUPPO LITURGICO is one of the major Italian companies dealing with mail order shopping. All parishes and religious institutes in Italy have been receiving the paper catalogue “L’Amico dei chierichetti” for over 50 years, and this catalogue has been present on-line with its own website dedicated to its store for over 15 years.

Its increasing success over all these years is due to its wide range of vestments and furnishings, tunics for the First Communion produced in exclusive models, as well as clothing for priests and many products for the sacristy.  

Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico: Masters of Holy Art

How we work

We would like to stress that our strong point is the direct realisation of most of the articles we offer. Our dedicated tailoring department can perform works on request that are customised to satisfy every specific need.

Why Masters of Sacred Art

The history of Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico has always been marked by its unique propensity to realise art furniture created by its sculptors and wood artists. We were among the first to offer altars, ambos and every other kind of furniture with the help of a detailed catalogue, that constantly keeps up with the times and is in accordance with the various changes that the liturgy has proposed over the years.

Our many wooden realisations are distinguished by their originality, since they are indeed of our exclusive production. We boast the largest selection in the world of candlesticks, Paschal candle holders, baptismal fonts, tabors, wooden tabernacles, stations of the cross, in addition to statues and carved crucifixes.

Our sculptors are available for the realisation of statues, altars, ambos and of any other furniture even on particular design.

And for those who have the opportunity to visit us

Our exhibition store in San Damiano d’Asti, in the Piedmont hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, benefits from one of the largest exhibition structures in Europe.
Its various departments offer the possibility to choose from a wide assortment of sacred furniture, dozens of wooden altars, ambos, statues and any other complement suitable for church furnishing.
The vestments area is very original, well-supplied and well-maintained. It offers hundreds of models of chasubles, dalmatics, copes, stoles, most of which are of exclusive and original creation and production.
An area is dedicated to the high-quality personal clothing of priests.

Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico offers a wide range of items. But above all, a guarantee of the artisan quality of the products, the seriousness and punctuality of the services offered, the convenience of the prices.

Order with confidence!

Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico sees its clients as a great and unique heritage, with which it considers it crucial to establish and maintain a relationship marked by maximum transparency and mutual trust. We like to think of our clients as friends and we hope that they see us as such. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any of your particular needs.

Save money with our products

The great success achieved by our company over the years has ensured our solid reputation in the market. We are able to purchase raw materials in large quantities in order to offer very competitive prices to our customers, providing great advantages for all concerned.
We are also in a position to apply special discounts.
All products will be delivered directly to the customer’s address. All purchases will be delivered within a few days of ordering by rapid courier service.