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Mechanical moving statues made in Italy.
The work is carried out in resin and marble powder.
The characters have real clothes made of material and all are decorated and painted by hand.
They are equipped whith a small electric motor that gives them movement that seems almost real.

Woodcutter Art.1538

€ 159,84
woodcutter-Art.1538-mechanical moving statues
Raises and lowers arm with axe.
Height cm 28 / 11"

Shearer Art.1539

€ 159,84
shearer-Art.1539-mechanical moving statues
The shearer moves arm with shears.
The sheep moves its head.
Height cm 30 / 12"

Woman preparing "polenta" Art.1540

€ 176,23
woman preparing
turns stick in pot.
Fire effect between logs.
Height cm 28 / 11"

Washerwoman Art.1723

€ 129,51
washerwoman-Art.1723-mechanical moving statues
Raises and lowers upper body scrubbing the clothers.
Height cm 18 / 7"

Shoe-maker Art.1724

€ 144,26
shoe-maker-Art.1724-mechanical moving statues
Raises and lowers arm with hammer on to shoe.
Height cm 25 / 10"

Blacksmith Art.1725

€ 209,84
blacksmith-Art.1725-mechanical moving statues
Raises arm hitting iron with hammer then turn towards forge, lifting the iron.
Height cm 28 / 11"

Group of sheppes Art.1726

€ 270,49
group of sheppes-Art.1726-mechanical moving statues
The grain sheep drink from the stream which contains real water.
The lamb takes milk from its mother.

cm 22 x 41 x 53 / 8,66" x 16,14" x 20,87"


Camel Art.1541

€ 147,54
camel-Art.1541-mechanical moving statues
Moves head.
Measurements cm 28 / 11"
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