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Marian chasuble Art.295

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 311,48 + iva
marian chasuble-Art.295-marians chasubles
Made of soft wool fabric.
The exceptionally rich orphrey in a delicate shade of pale blue is fully decorated with elaborate embroidery and proposed identical on both the front and back.

Marian chasuble Art.1357

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 516,40 + iva
marian chasuble-Art.1357-marians chasubles
Made from extremely lightweight pure wool, particularly soft and light.
Rich and elaborate scroll embroidery with tiny flowered detail, proposed in pearl grey and pale blue on the front and back.
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Marian chasuble Art.1219

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 258,20 + iva
marian chasuble-Art.1219-marians chasubles
Representation of the Madonna and Child in light pure wool fabric laminated in gold.
The orphrey obtained with a special crafting technique of embroidering on a frame, is a scapular detached from the chasuble and can therefore be slipped off

Marian chasuble Art.1178

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 231,42 + iva
marian chasuble-Art.1178-marians chasubles
Proposed in very light silver brocade fabric.
Important geometric embroidery on the front and back makes this chasuble particularly attractive.
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