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"Gaudium" incense Art.2625

€ 18,03
Pack of selected natural, highly fragrant incenses.
Content 280 g.

Clip Art.2626

€ 4,92
handy, easy to use clip for charcoal lighters.

Nardo incense Art.3399

€ 9,84
Nardo incense-Art.3399-Incense-charcoals-varius
Nardo incense of Mary Magdalene produced and imported directly from the Holy Land.

Practical 150 gram pack.

Nardo oil fragrance Art.3400

€ 21,31
Nardo oil fragrance-Art.3400-Incense-charcoals-varius
Room fragrance with pure Nardo oil of Mary Magdalene. Distilled from Nardo flowers from the mountains of Tibet, it is a fragrance produced for millennia, typical and unique to the Holy Land. Comes with wooden diffuser sticks.
Content 100 ml.

Essential nardo oil Art.3402

€ 28,69
Essential nardo oil -Art.3402-Incense-charcoals-varius
Essential Nardo oil of Mary Magdalene.

50ml package.

Olibano of Gedda Art.3509

Olibano of Gedda-Art.3509-Incense-charcoals-varius
Olibano of Gedda, aromatic natural incense.
Pack of 500 grams.
Fragrances: sandalwood, patchuli, myrrh, rose and citronella

Fragrant incense Art.3510

Fragrant incense-Art.3510-Incense-charcoals-varius
Fragrant incense, pack of 200 grams.
Fragrances: aloe, rose, byzantino

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