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Candle lighters Art.1922

€ 6,56
Candle lighters-Art.1922-Incense-charcoals-varius
special high temperature impregnated cotton.
Pack of 100 items

Charcoal lighters Art.1921

€ 13,11
Charcoal lighters-Art.1921-Incense-charcoals-varius
Greek charcoal lighters.
Fast ignition, duration approx. 1 hour.
Pack of 120 charcoal lighters.

"Gaudium" incense Art.2625

€ 16,39
Pack of selected natural, highly fragrant incenses.
Content 280 g.

Clip Art.2626

€ 3,61
handy, easy to use clip for charcoal lighters.
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