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Nardo incense Art.3401

€ 31,15
Nardo incense-Art.3401-Incense-charcoals-varius
Nardo incense of Mary Magdalene produced and imported directly from the Holy Land.

500 grams convenience pack.

"Gloria" incense Art.1918

€ 8,61
mix of natural perfumed incenses.
Pack of 300 g

Charcoal lighters Art.1920

€ 9,43
Charcoal lighters-Art.1920-Incense-charcoals-varius
fast igniter for thurible with immediate lighting
duration 54 minutes.
Box of 90 charcoal igniters.

Essences of incense Art.1919

Essences of incense-Art.1919-Incense-charcoals-varius
essences of incense of famed Greek production.
Available in various aromas and fragrances (gardenia-mixed flowers-rose-violet)
Content 100 g.
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