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Please note that all the chasubles come together with their related stole.

Chasuble Art.3446

€ 1.106,56
Chasuble-Art.3446-festive chasubles
made of rich white fabric laminated with gold, which is very light and elegant.
The orphrey is obtained with fine crafting on a frame, with rich embroidery enriched by cabochon the front and back.
Embellished with refined golden trimmings.
Available in white color.

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Chasuble Art.3451

Chasuble-Art.3451-festive chasubles
Pure wool chasuble laminated in gold with a medieval cut.
The orphrey and collar are embellished with a unique decoration obtained with a fabric on which golden Arabesque-type features appear.
The conjunction between the collar and the orphrey is embellished with decorative hard stones which are the colour of the chasuble.
The central orphrey also features on the back of the chasuble.
Available in the four liturgical colours and in rose.

"Jesus" chasuble Art.922

€ 532,79
made of rich white fabric laminated with gold, which is very light and elegant.
The iconographic inset, entirely embroidered, is remarkable.
The two larger panels, depicting the Crucifixion and the Resurrection are proposed on the front and the back, while the central medallion on the front depicts the Last Supper, while two angels in flight behind

"Miriam" chasuble Art.955

€ 614,75
Made of prestigious rich white lampasso fabric stitched with gold.
The embroidery of the three panels depicts the Annunciation, the nativity and the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, and they appear on the front and back of the chasuble. The completeness of this chasuble makes it perfect for the various liturgical celebrations

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