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Deacon stole Art.3845

deacon stole-Art.3845-deacon stoles
an important wool and silk fabric has been chosen for this deacon stole, which is made using a particular crafting process on a frame.
The ornamental part, woven directly into the fabric, is made up of a thick weft of golden lines which decorating the entire stole.

Available in all ritual colours.

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Deacon stole Art.3292

Deacon stole-Art.3292-deacon stoles
Deacon stole with rich embroidered, on both sides, grapes, vine leaves, ears of wheat and IHS symbol.
Available in all liturgical colours.

Deacon stole Art.2134

Deacon stole-Art.2134-deacon stoles
Crosses and decorations are repeated on the front as well as on the back.
The embroidery and motifs covering the entire stole are loom

Proposed in all liturgic colours

Deacon stole Art.473

deacon stole-Art.473-deacon stoles
With modern embroidery featuring a stylised cross.

Available in all ritual colours.

Deacon stole Art.438

deacon stole-Art.438-deacon stoles
With two different types of embroidery.
On one side, a cross with ears of wheat and, on the other, an elaborate weave of ears of whet and bunches of grapes.

Available in all ritual colours.

Deacon stole Art.3055

Deacon stole-Art.3055-deacon stoles
Deacon stole with rich embroidered grapes, vine leaves, ears of wheat and cross.

Deacon stole Art.3054

deacon stole-Art.3054-deacon stoles
deacon stole with a delicate embroidery of stylized cross.

Deacon stole Art.1460

€ 114,75
deacon stole-Art.1460-deacon stoles
The stole is obtained with a special crafting technique of embroidering on a frame.
Representation of the Madonna and Child and marian symbol.
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