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Chasuble Art.3107

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 327,05 + iva
Chasuble-Art.3107-with classic and modern embroidery
Chasuble made of high quality very soft and lightweight mixed wool fabric.
A remarkable detail is the embroidered central stolon which is repeated on both sides and on the collar.
Available in white color.

Chasuble Art.3061

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
chasuble-Art.3061-with classic and modern embroidery
chasuble made of soft pure wool fabric.
Featuring an ornamental insert on the hem and collar made with a laminated fabric.
Embroidered symbols and crosses in golden thread on both sides.

Casula Art.3065

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
Casula-Art.3065-with classic and modern embroidery
Stunning chasuble made of soft mixed wool fabric, made entirely on a loom.
Featuring three crosses embroidered in relief on both sides, decorated with cabochon coloured stones.

Chasuble Art.3083

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
chasuble -Art.3083-with classic and modern embroidery
modern and bright chasuble made using special mould and frame processing techniques.
Featuring an embroidered cross made with golden threads on both sides.
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