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Chalice Art.3137

€ 852,46
chalice-Art.3137-Pope Francis collection
hand-chiselled Gothic style chalice.
Shape and decoration inspired by chalices of the past.
Gilded brass

height cm 22 / 8,66"
Cup Ø cm 10 / 3,94"

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Ciborium Art.3138

€ 926,23
ciborium-Art.3138-Pope Francis collection
hand-chiselled Gothic style ciborium.
Traditional decorative motifs.
Gilded brass.
Can hold approx. 200 wafers.

Height cm 26 / 10,24"
Cup Ø cm 12 / 4,72"2

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Open ciborium Art.3139

€ 315,57
open ciborium-Art.3139-Pope Francis collection
open ciborium with small hand-chiselled motif in the base.
Gilded brass.
Can contain 350 wafers.

Height cm 9 / 3,54"
Cup Ø cm 17 / 6,69"

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Chalice, ciborium, open ciborium Art.3137-3138-3139

prezzo €2.094,26 -8,00%
scontato € 1.926,72
chalice, ciborium, open ciborium-Art.3137-3138-3139-Pope Francis collection
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