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Articoli religiosi per la Domenica Gaudete: casule in varie tonalità (rosa antico, rosaceo) e ornamenti

Chasuble Art.1301.rosa

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 73,77 + iva
Chasuble-Art.1301.rosa-Casule for gaudete Sunday
Three ornamental crosses are stitched directly onto the fabric, using a frame, on both sides.
Available in the rose colours

Chasuble Art.1131.a

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 155,73 + iva
Chasuble-Art.1131.a-Casule for gaudete Sunday
In pinkish damask fabric.
The hems and collar are trimmed in contrasting shades of laminate.

Chasuble Art.2318 rosa

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 64,75 + iva
Chasuble-Art.2318 rosa-Casule for gaudete Sunday
Simple affordable chasuble fabric in a rose colour
Embellished with refined golden trimmings on the front and back


Chasuble Art.930

IVA + 22% for all european community countries
€ 163,11 + iva
chasuble-Art.930-Casule for gaudete Sunday
Old rose colour for this chasuble in precious gold laminate fabric.
The front and back feature a 16 cm wide stole, completely embroidered with liturgical symbols of bunches of grapes and vine leaves.
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