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All the knowledge and experience accumulated over 40 years of professional expansion goes into the products and services now offered by "LABORATORIO GRUPPO LITURGICO".
This company from San Damiano d'Asti, which nestles among the hills of old Piedmont, now has a brand new showroom occupying thousands of square metres, making it one of the biggest in Europe.
Here, in the various departments, it is possible to choose from a wide range of religious furnishings, wooden altars, ambons, statues and other complementary items for furnishing churches, which are always available and on display.

The vestment sector is always original, immaculate and well stocked with hundreds of chasubles, planets, overshirts and pivial stoles, the majority of which are exclusive and original.
A wide range of high quality personal clothing for priests is also available in addition to cassocks and clergyman's outfits.

Everything is on show at the Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico but more importantly, everything is accompanied by the guarantee of artisan quality, conscientiousness and precision in the services offered, as well as value for money.


LABORATORIO GRUPPO LITURGICO is Italy's leading mail order company. This position is assured by the "L'Amico dei Chierichetti" catalogue, which is sent to all Italian parishes and institutes several times during the year.

It contains a wide range of vestments and furnishings, as well the company's exclusively made First Holy Communion tunics.


For the Laboratorio Gruppo Liturgico, their clientele represents their most important and unique source of income, and therefore, the company considers it essential to establish and maintain relations based on total transparency and reciprocal trust.

We have never expected payments in advance or upon delivery, and our loyal customers are fully aware of this. We like to think of our customers as friends and we hope that they too consider our company in the same way. For this reason, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any special needs you may have. You can trust us when placing your orders!

After receiving delivery of your order, you can check that everything is to your satisfaction and then pay at the post office or through your bank (these payment methods apply to parishes and religious institutes).
What better guarantee could there be. And you'll save with us too.
The great success achieved by our company over the years has ensured our solid reputation in the market. We are able to purchase raw materials in large quantities in order to offer very competitive prices to our customers, providing great advantages for all concerned.
We are also in a position to apply special discounts.
All products will be delivered directly to the customer’s address. All purchases will be delivered within a few days of ordering by rapid courier service.

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